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We Offer a Range of Concentrations to Start Your New Career


Demolition, Deconstruction, and Rehabilitation is the dismantling, razing, destroying, or wrecking of any building or structure.

Job skills include:

  1. Renovation Interior & Exterior

  2. Demolition

  3. Wrecking

  4. Burner

  5. Operation of Pneumatic Demolition Tools

  6. Rigging & Signaling & More


Our Environmental Remediation Professionals are dedicated and certified men and women that put their lives on the line to remediate hazards and respond to disasters to protect communities across Western Pennsylvania.


Job skills include:

  1. Asbestos Abatement (Certified)

  2. Lead Abatement (Certified)

  3. Hazardous Waste Removal (Certified)

  4. Containment Construction (Certified)

  5. Work Area Preparation


LiUNA members help build Western Pennsylvania from our roads and bridges to our transit systems. 


Job skills include:

  1. Bridge Construction 

  2. Renovation

  3. Demolition

  4. Rigging

  5. Signaling

  6. Scaffold Building

  7. Tube and Clamp Scaffold

  8. Systems Scaffold, Building Frame Scaffold & More


Laborers are involved with most construction project phases, including concrete installation. Cement masons smooth and finish exposed concrete surfaces on projects such as sidewalks, roads, and bridges, specializing in:


Building Site & Construction - Masonry

  1. Site Preparation

  2. Scaffold Building

  3. Estimating Masonry Materials

  4. Stocking Masonry Materials

  5. Mixing of Mortar and Grout

  6. Forklift Operations

  7. Direct Tending of Masons

Building Site & Construction - Concrete Placement

  1. Hose Operation

  2. Grading

  3. Mixing Concrete

  4. Placement of Concrete by hose, Wheelbarrel, & Powerbuggy

  5. Leveling, Shoveling & Raking the Concrete

  6. Concrete Vibrator Operator

  7. Site Preparation & Cleanup


Our Pipeline Professionals use tools and heavy equipment to dig, repair, and maintain the area around pipelines and pump stations. 


Job skills include:

  1. Front End Pipeline Work

  2. Ground Surface Pipe Handling and Welding

  3. Pipe Handling In The Trench

  4. Coating Crew

  5. Back End Pipeline Work

  6. Pipeline Specialty Construction


Our Tunneling Professionals help build the underground tunnels needed for services such as rail lines and waterworks. They assist with excavating, supporting, and forming tunnels and shafts in the ground associated with the construction process to provide an underground space, tunnel, or shaft.


Job skills include: 

  1. Crane Safety

  2. Tunnel-Boring

  3. Concrete Work


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