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PA Laborers’ Training Center

Top Rated Health & Welfare

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An award winning facility aimed at creating a highly educated and skilled workforce for our demanding industry. Here you can learn job specific skills to directly increase your pay. The training is free and access is unlimited.

Affiliated Locals We Serve

The Laborers' Union of Pennsylvania covers over 62 counties throughout Eastern & Western Pennsylvania, from the West Virginia & New York Borders to State College & everywhere in between.

LiUNA members are a skilled and experienced union workforce trained to work safely in the construction and energy industries. Members build infrastructure - from roads, bridges, and transit to schools and skyscrapers. They are certified to install rainwater catchment systems and trained to build water and sewer systems. Members also work in every area of the energy sector, helping to build solar plants, wind farms, and natural gas and oil pipelines, as well as, being skilled in the maintenance of nuclear and coal power plant facilities.

From pay to training to retirement, LiUNA members live better. Men and women working in the construction industry see the difference a union makes in every paycheck.

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Member Success Stories: Hear What Our Members Say

"I went through some pretty heavy training in the USMC, and this is that same type of world-class training. This is the training that saves lives.”


Laborer' Member & Veteran

“If you have a sense of pride, are a hard worker, and want a career where you don’t have to pay back student loans - this is for you!”


Laborer' Member

"Just knowing that I have the comfortable stability of a job that I can depend on with the Laborers'... It can really change your life." 


Laborer' Member

When it comes to wages, job training, healthcare, and pension benefits, Union members have a better life than non-union workers. Unions fight hard to win fair wage rates for workers. Union contracts specify pay, hours, benefits, job safety, and healthcare policies. Ever since the first trade union formed in the 18th century, collectively bargained workers outdo non-union workers by earning:

  • Higher wages

  • Safer job sites

  • Better hours

  • Upgraded health benefits

  • Higher pension benefits

Our laborers do the job right, safely, and with pride that continuously builds and services Eastern Pennsylvania but keeps it growing, expanding, and running at peak performance, providing a workforce that all residents of Eastern PA can be proud of.

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Build a Better Pennsylvania


Four PA Laborers' training they rod tying skillset for free .
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